HS2 Architecture, founded by New York architects Thomas Hut and Jane Sachs in 1994, has developed a reputation for projects rooted in a deep appreciation of the visual arts and responsive design.

Operating on the belief that buildings and interiors should express a unique creative vision and a mastery of materials, HS2 collaborates to maximize all aspects of a project — from small details to larger considerations of context and environmental impact.

A highly collaborative style of working with clients enables us to fully understand what they want and need throughout all phases. This approach has resulted in a range of built projects, including high-end residential, luxury retail, galleries, hotels, museums, and creative workspaces.

Our diverse portfolio includes some of the most recognizable buildings in New York City — Ralph Lauren Polo Flagship Store and Polo Bar (2014); Gramercy Park Hotel (2007); Ralph Lauren’s Madison Avenue Flagship Store (2010); Palazzo Chupi/360 West 11th Street (2008) — as well as several private corporate, townhouse and apartment interiors in addition to several commercial and residential interior projects for public and private uses.

By listening carefully, giving feedback, considering diverse points of view, and building consensus, we move projects forward through design, regulatory and approvals processes and ultimately, construction. All projects, regardless of budget or scale, receive a high level of creativity, professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.


Easily one of the most underrated architecture firms working today, HS2 is really a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the built environment. - Diane Pham

The architects manipulated forms, planes and materials to borrow natural light from one space to another. - Macauley Connor, Home Observer

What has influenced my work is the idea of developing forms to pull people through a space, rather than using doors and walls to separate them. - Jane Sachs

If I was to send someone who is an architecture lover first, and an art loversecond, to see the best possible example of Chelsea gallery design – a culturally specific architectural genre – I think I’d pick James Cohan Gallery. - David Cohen

Even in the bath, it was all about the open landscape. - Thomas Hut

The building [Palazzo Chupi] is one of a kind. Everywhere one experiences pleasure in materials and the presence of the hand. - Ingrid Sischy, Vanity Fair

No matter how much we appreciate contemporary design, sometimes it’s the traditional elements that capture our hearts. This house [Von Hoffman Doyle Farm] shows, however, that it’s possible to combine both influences in one project. - Logan Ward, Garden & Gun

I’ve had a lot of nice houses, but this [Chiat Beach House] is the first one I feel is really home. - Jay Chiat, T Magazine
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Originally coming together to design a Hamptons beach house for Jay Chiat, an advertising executive and creative businessman, HS2 founders Thomas Hut and Jane Sachs quickly gained attention in New York for their unique vision and diverse aesthetics for a spectrum of client and project types.

In the studio, they have nurtured the development of a strong team of architects and designers, while fostering a collaborative work environment. As creative equals, Tom and Jane are dedicated to providing expert guidance and crafting creative solutions within practical constraints.

JANE SACHS, Principal

Jane was a professional artist who decided to study architecture while in her 30’s. In 2002, she became a fellow for Coro Leadership New York XIV, a program designed to explore major policy issues concerning New York City. As an artistic contributor to several arts organizations, Jane has participated in the design of global exhibitions promoting organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders and Save Darfur. Jane received a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University (1991) and a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from Alfred University (1976).

THOMAS HUT, Principal

Tom has been a registered architect since 1980, with more than thirty years of professional practice and construction experience on both small and large-scale buildings. Prior to founding HS2 with Jane, he worked at the Guggenheim Museum on several projects including the original Frank Lloyd Wright building and two satellite locations in SoHo, New York City and Bilbao, Spain. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University (1980) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College (1974). He is a LEED Accredited Professional.


Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Toronto School of Architecture (1994). For the past twelve years, he has played an important role at HS2 by working closely with Tom and Jane on the firm’s largest projects including the retail spaces for Ralph Lauren Corporation, Palazzo Chupi/360 West 11th Street and Gramercy Park Hotel for Ian Schrager Company.

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